FBI Arrest a Handful of Anonymous Hackers, Karma Exists After All

Hackers have been on the rise since earlier in the year, and while Sony has been the most notable victim of cyberattacks, a handful of developers and publishers have been hit hard as well. Anonymous, a large and extremely vocal group that is perhaps the most notorious of its kind, has been dishing out threats and attacks for months now. It’s become apparent that their members have taken pleasure in others misfortune, but karma has decided to appear during the month of July.

Earlier this week, the United States Department of Justice dispatched a minimum of 35 search warrants. Within hours a total of 16 suspected hackers were arrested by the FBI in California, Florida, New Jersey, and New York. Reports state that all suspects have involvement in Anonymous, and are responsible for attacks on several major corporations. So far no arrests have been tied to the Sony fiasco earlier in the year, but it’s still an open possibility.

Anonymous is an extremely large group of people, so a dozen or so arrests might not be enough to bring it down, but the thought of serving prison time should discourage a few.