PAL Regions Look Up, See Sky, Report Sightings of Trails

Fans of “traditional,” turn-based JRPGs might be interested to learn that Ghostlight Ltd. has picked up the publishing rights to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and plans to release game in PAL regions.

Per the company’s own announcement, a special collector’s edition will be released alongside the standard game, though exactly what type of spoils it will hold have yet to be specified. An exact release date has also yet to be pinned down, as Ghostlight just recently made this deal a reality.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky comes from the popular Eiyuu Densetsu series in Japan, where the series has spanned multiple consoles and has seen re-released. Only a few PSP titles have made their way to other countries, and, speaking objectively, were some of the worst things to happen to mankind. Trails in the Sky represented a great turnaround for the series, nay, humans. The game was released in stateside retail stores and on the North American PlayStation Network store last March, thanks to XSeed Games. For the curious, the XSeed version of the official website can be scoped out right here, and while you’re clicking stuff, check this link for a thorough review by PlayStation LifeStyle’s own Joseph Peterson.