Retailer Mistake Unveils GoldenEye Reloaded for PS3 This Fall

Just a few weeks back, a new domain was registered by Activision and it wasn’t long before the gaming public caught wind of it. Details pointed to an unannounced game titled GoldenEye Reloaded, and speculation rightfully ensued with haste. Now, almost a month has passed, and while nothing has been officially announced, a certain retailer seems to know more than we do.

Amazon France has added Golden Eye Reloaded to its site along with some startling details. The rogue title has been listed as a PlayStation 3 game, and in addition to having a 16+ PEGI rating (Europe’s equivalent of ESRB), the game also has a release date of October 28th, 2011.

While these details are merely rumors, Amazon has been consistent in the past, and the indicated release date isn’t typically used as a placeholder. If the date is correct, there isn’t much time before it arrives on store shelves, so that tosses out the possibility of a new megaton title. Chances are that it’s a second port of the Nintendo Wii remaster that released last year. Whatever it is, it should be announced by Activision soon, and we’ll update you as soon as more information is available.