Dragon’s Dogma Screens, Art Introduce Advanced Jobs

Those awaiting more info and imagery on upcoming open-world action game Dragon’s Dogma get something to nibble on today, as Capcom has let out some new screens as well as a few pieces of artwork to go with them. This batch of new media introduces several new job classes and combinations thereof.

In the images below, we see three hybrid characters. The one with a sword drawn is an “Assassin.” He is said to be a combination of a “Strider” and a “Fighter,” taking strengths from both classes. He gains an advantage when attacking at night.

The man with the big shield and hammer is a “Mystic Knight.” His main draw is his wizardlike magic skill, but if monsters get too close, they’ll find out the hard way just how good he is with that hammer.

The last combination class, the man holding the bow and glowing arrow, is a “Magic Archer.” They say he’s a hybrid of “Strider” and “Mage.” As you probably assumed, his forte is ranged combat, and he can toss in some elemental attacks and other twists on those arrows of his.

Dragon’s Dogma is set for release in 2012 on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.