Payday: The Heist Holds up the San Diego Comic Con

Developed by Overkill Software, Payday: The Heist made a big splash at this year’s E3, providing gamers with a well-rounded first-person shooter based on the fine art of bank robbing. At the San Diego Comic Con, Sony Online Entertainment has released a new trailer and some screenshots to whet your appetite.

Payday: The Heist is a first-person shooter that will be releasing on the PlayStation Network and PC. In the game you are tasked with staging and robbing a bank with your AI or human controlled friends. The game has been described by many as Left 4 Dead with banks and you can see some of this in the new video.

The trailer and screens focus on the ‘panic room’, where hostages are all around you and the SWAT team is fast on your tail. The only thing missing is Robert DeNiro and Val Kilmer to make your crew complete. Enjoy the video and screens below and stay tuned for more information on this game.