Dead Island Novel to Release Same Day as Game

July 27, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Ever since its that amazing CGI trailer, Dead Island has firmly been on every zombie-loving gamer’s radar – even if the game is nothing like the trailer. If you’re one of the gamer’s that is obsessed with everything Dead Island, then we have some good news for you – there will be a book based on the on the video game.

Written by British author Mark Morris, the book is set to release alongside the game and will give “a terrifying glimpse into the horrors thrust upon the four individuals who have unwittingly embarked on the ultimate holiday from hell”. Morris has also written books based on licenses such as Dr Who, Hellboy and Torchwood, along with his own novels Cinema Futura, The Deluge and Stitch.

Welcome to the holiday paradise where your dreams should come true…

but where a nightmare is about to begin…

Published by Bantam, the book will cost £6.99 in the UK, with other nation’s price and release plans still to be revealed. Dead Island releases on September 6th and 9th in North America and Europe respectively.