Little Battlers eXperience Might Be Up Level 5’s Sleeve

Yesterday we brought you the news that Level 5 was holding a vote as to which game you would most like to see localized, and while the tally isn’t over, we could have a champion crowned that isn’t anywhere close to the lead in votes. The Little Battlers, which just released on the PSP last month in Japan, could be that first game localized by the new Level 5 company.

Back on July 21st, the brand new North American branch of Level 5 filed a trademark for The Little Battlers eXperience. This trademark covers not only video games, but plastic models, animation, comics, and all other kinds of merchandise.

This trademark could be tipping their hand as to one of the games they are choosing or it could just be a case of Level 5 covering their butts just in case. As of writing this, The Little Battlers on PSP has 326 votes, a good 4,000 votes behind second place Ninokuni on PS3.