Cross Game Chat #48 – Raise Your Voice

The guys are starting an exciting new chapter in the podcast’s history. The fourth chair of the podcast has opened up and we have decided to give fans of the podcast a chance to fill it. This applies to fans in all regions and anyone with access to Skype can apply. Check after the jump for further details on how to audition for the only place gamers can get Cross Game Chat!

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As mentioned earlier, we are looking for community members to feature on the podcast. We might have a rotating chair so that several members can be on the podcast, but nothing has been decided yet. To apply for the position, record yourself talking about the following topic: with the recent price drop of the 3DS, how will it affect the Vita? Please limit your response to about 2 minutes. Applicants have until Thursday August 11th to send in their recording. Recordings can be emailed to [email protected]. Remember, we are looking for enthusiastic gamers so above all else, make sure to have fun!

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