Wanna Play Odin Sphere Like an NES Game? Tell Atlus

Atlus wants to know if you’d be interested in an 8-bit browser version of Odin Sphere. While the go-to answer would be “No, why would I ever want that?” at least this novel idea would be free.

If you think you’d be into it, you can vote via Twitter. Just click the little Twitter icon on the bottom of the project’s official website.

All of this is being done to promote Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, a modern remake of the PS2 action RPG Odin Sphere, coming to PS3, Vita, and PS4, due out on Jan. 14 in Japan. A 2016 North American release is planned, but doesn’t have an exact date yet. We liked what we saw at the Tokyo Game Show. You can read this hands-on play impression and hear us discuss it on the podcast we recorded after the show.