Find Which Way Is Up With Inversion Gameplay

Inversion is an upcoming third-person shooter, where the player is able to manipulate gravity on the battlefield. The game is developed by Saber Interactive, who previously worked on Battle: Los Angeles and Timeshift. Saber Interactive will be showing off their game at gamescom, but decided to tease their game a little early.

Saber Interactive has released a trailer for their game that shows off some of the mechanics. As the trailer says, “you can’t hide from gravity. The only force you can rely on is your partner.” The trailer shows the main player shooting some sort of gravity beam at enemies which causes them to gracefully float up into the air. Well, maybe not gracefully, but it’s always satisfying to shoot off an enemy’s limbs in mid-air. The trailer also shows gravity shifts in the entire environment with the player falling onto ceilings and walls. The player also has the power to pick up objects, such as cars, and toss them at enemies. More direct gamers can pick up the enemies themselves and toss them across the stage. The trailer also showed off how parts of the environment will be destructible.