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Type-0-Negative Feedback May Lead to Delayed Fantasy

Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata, currently overseeing Final Fantasy Type-0, recently posted this video on his Twitter page, responding to player feedback from the game’s downloadable demo. An overwhelming number of players have complained about the game’s camera control scheme, calling it not just inconvenient, but downright frustrating to play with. Before the demo even came out, it had been said that the camera was one of the main points of work being done, which is why a lot of players are surprised to find this supposedly tweaked camera to be so unmanageable. If this is the version with fixes, after all, what was it like before?

Tabata also points to the Phantoma system as due for a modification, though that complaint is definitely sitting in second place among those lobbed by demo players. He asks for patience and understanding as the team looks into things.

The problem now is, of course, that the game already has an announced release date only two months in the future. Fixing a camera doesn’t tend to be a weekend project and Square Enix has a lot on its plate right now. Not only that, but the company isn’t exactly known for its ability to make swift-and-speedy repairs to broken things. Can the company really fix both the Phantoma system and camera controls in time for launch day? I’m not saying a delay will happen, but don’t be surprised if Final Fantasy Type-0 is pushed back a little bit because of this.