Cross Game Chat #50 – The Community Steps Forward

The guys are back with the winner of the community contest, Eric Ferreira. Eric topped the community submissions with his take on how the 3DS price drop will affect the PlayStation Vita.  Josh, Cameron, and PMC join Eric to weigh in their thoughts on the same topic and engage in a deeper discussion on portable gaming.

Topics include if the PSV needs a price drop and when it will happen, which handheld is more appealing to casual gamers, and if Sony should have released the PSV this holiday. The guys also mention the effect they think smartphone gaming will have on the more “hardcore” market.

This Week’s News topics

  • PSP Outsells 3DS by 860% in Japan Read>>
  • Counter-Strike Goes Global, Coming to Consoles Next Year Read>>
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII Will Miss Tokyo Game Show Read>>
  • Tumble Developer Working on Several PS3 Exclusive Titles Read>>
  • Agent Won’t Release Until 2013 Read>>
  • Joe Danger Sequel Announced Read>>
  • Get Into the Action Early with Gotham City Impostors Beta Read>>
  • Malicious Coming to the West Read>>
  • Ken Levine Loves the PSV Read>>


Next week, the guys will look into their crystal balls and predict what the next big thing in first person shooters will be. The feature was inspired by the news about Counter-strike Global Offensive coming to the PS3. Counter-strike, Halo, and Call of Duty 4 all revolutionized the first person shooter genre in their own way. Recent games like Borderlands, Far Cry 2, Black, MAG, the Resistance series, and the Killzone series have all tried to become the next big thing.

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