Western Audiences Brace for a Malicious Release

Late last year, a game called Malicious released on the PlayStation Network in Japan. The videos and screens alone had some gamers in Western markets clamoring for the game.  Which seems to have paid off, as the game’s developer Alvion has confirmed via Twitter that the 3D action game will release in English-speaking markets.

The developer let out a total of three tweets which when put together state the following:

I’m sorry for your waiting patiently. Although I still cannot make the details public, surely we’re preparing the English version. Could you wait a little longer?

In the game, you are tasked with defeating a group known as Malicious.  There are no stages to play through, instead it is just boss fight after boss fight.  Instead of a typical weapon, your character uses the Cloak of Ash, which can take different forms, depending on how you need to attack or defend.

Check out a video of the game below and see for yourself.  We will keep you updated as more information on the PlayStation Network exclusive gets revealed.