Four New Street Fighter X Tekken Characters Revealed

Street Fighter X Tekken has really been keeping fighting game fans pining for its release ever since its announcement at Comic-Con 2010. While plenty of information regarding the crossover title has been released, not all the characters set to appear on the roster have been revealed. However, fresh from gamescom, a new trailer has been released, showing four new fighters.

The new trailer, which is over four minutes in length, begins by showing off some of the new moves you can perform when playing on a team. Following that, six characters were showcased, four of which were shown for the first time. First up, Hugo from the Street Fighter universe. Next is Poison from Street Fighter as well, a character who had already been confirmed. Newly revealed from Street Fighter, as well, is Raven. Yoshimitsu from Tekken enters the fray after, followed by Ibuki from Street Fighter. Last, but certainly not least, is the reveal of Kuma from the Tekken world. Take a look at the flashy trailer below, and let us know if any of these characters have gotten you excited:

Street Fighter X Tekken is currently scheduled to release Spring 2012.