Get Creative With LittleBigPlanet on the Vita

LittleBigPlanet is the series that first started Sony on the “Play. Create. Share.” development process. Next year, LittleBigPlanet will be coming to the PlayStation Vita, with development headed up by Double Eleven Studios. At this year’s gamescom press conference, Sony showed off the creative aspect of the new LittleBigPlanet, and this video is a must-see.

The trailer shows off how easy it is to create something from scratch. The video starts off by the user creating a shape and then stretching the corners to make a bigger object. Gamers will also have the ability to take pictures of objects with the PSV’s back camera and import the image into the game. Users can also use pictures to create textures for objects. In the trailer, it shows the user creating several objects quickly and then pasting them together to make a mechanized T-rex. If you missed Sony’s press conference, check out the trailer below: