NIS America Crafts New Atelier Totori Trailer

Straight from NIS America’s comes a second English trailer for the upcoming PS3-exclusive RPG, Atelier Totori.

The video features a shortened version of the Japanese theme song, “Pilgrimage,” composed by Ken Nakagawa and Kazuki Yanagawa. We also see some battle action with Rorona and Sterk, lead characters from last year’s PS3 Atelier title.

Console versions of the Gust-developed RPG series have been making their way across the Pacific lately, but role playing fans haven’t been so lucky when it comes to handhelds. DS incarnations such as Atelier Lina stayed in Japan due to Annie not putting out on the sales charts, and none of the PSP-based Atelier titles have been announced for localization at this time. Given the system’s general decline in North America, it will likely stay that way.

Players of Atelier Rorona will remember a scandalous story translated hilariously by NIS America’s localization staff. Per tradition and seeing as this game takes place in the same country with many overlapping characters, fans can expect a similar experience when this game launches in September.