New Twisted Metal Trailer is for the Dolls

#6 - Twisted Metal

Yesterday, Jaffe stopped by the PlayStation Blog to announce that Twisted Metal is releasing on Valentine’s Day. During his announcement, he also said to keep an look out for a new Dollface trailer.

The new Dollface trailer shows off both story and gameplay. In Twisted Metal: Black, Dollface was a girl who was a victim of a broken household and an abusive boss. In the upcoming Twisted Metal game, Dollface is a model who is obsessed with her beauty, but gets into a car accident that leaves her face permanently scarred. A plastic surgeon tries to restore her former beauty, but he can’t make her look perfect again, so it Dollface apparently kills him.

The trailer also shows off a lot gameplay, especially of the 18-wheeler called the Juggernaut. The vehicle is hidden inside a warehouse, and the player has to break down a door to reach it. Driving up the ramp in the back gives the player full control. The Juggernaut has an impressive pair of chain guns attached to the front, and has a special ability to launch 8 explosive balls at the enemy, aptly named Murder Balls. Other players can drive into the Juggernaut to take control of the mounted machine guns.