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Final Fantasy Type-0 Delayed, As Expected

The Japanese release of Final Fantasy Type-0 has been delayed by two weeks, from October 13th to the 27th.

A downloadable demo of this PSP-exclusive was released on August 10th had earned the game a lot of praise, though the camera control was a near-universal complaint. Some found it a tolerable, minor annoyance while a select few felt it to be a deal breaker, with most gamers falling between the two extremes. Hajime Tabata then personally told fans that he and his staff would fix the problem, as well as the Phantoma System. Considering all the facts and time they had remaining, I cautioned anxious fans that a delay was very possible. While my headline was for some reason written off as “bombastic” and I was labeled “an attention whore” for making such a claim, it wasn’t without reason. Proving my speculation legitimate, the delay has indeed happened, with Square Enix citing that it needs to “improve the game,” which is a round about way of saying the devs need time to address the issues above.

With the former release date of October 13th, and review outlets needing the game about a month before street date, Tabata’s August 14th decision left very little time to fix things. Hopefully for fans, this extra two weeks lets the team do what it needs to do.

The timing of the soundtrack CD release will also be pushed back two weeks, from October 5th to the 19th. While the soundtrack itself is in no way affected by the demo’s problems or game itself, the timing of the release was a marketing strategy, thus it moves along with the game’s launch date.