One Week Left to Pimp Your Robot in Armored Core V

Fans of the Armored Core series have just one week left to vote on which Japanese kanji decals they want to plaster all over their robots in From Software’s upcoming Armored Core V. The chosen 100 kanji will be loaded into the game as decals that can be applied to a player’s robot.

Right now, 85 of the most popular kanji have been selected, and only 15 spots remain. At this page on the game’s official website, all one has to do to vote is supply a nickname in Japanese characters, and then select the coolest-looking kanji to vote on. Don’t know which one to pick? Popular kanji still unchosen include death (死), kill (殺), king (王), brave (勇), samurai (侍) and snake (蛇).

Armored Core V‘s release date has recently been announced as January 2012 in Japan, with no international release announced at this time. Here is the official Japanese box art, and a few screens.

You can also visit the game’s official website here.