PlayStation LifeStyle’s Best Three of PAX 2011

Developers and publishers really brought their A-game to PAX this year, with plenty of great booths and a ton of really good games, but now it is time for the hard part of picking the three best games at PAX this past weekend. After some extensive research and plenty of mathematical formulas, I have come up with our best three titles of PAX 2011, so read on below to find out which games made the cut.

Title: Gotham City Impostors

Developer: Monolith Productions

Release: TBA 2012

What happens when you take normal citizens, give them guns and dress them up like Batman and Joker? If you guessed Gotham City Impostors and then also guessed that this game would be such a smashing hit, you should win something. Think of a game that takes the serious aspects of shooters like Call of Duty, and just completely makes fun of them with goofy gadgets like roller skates, and trampoline filled levels. You know something has been done right when everyone playing the game has a joker grin on their face from ear to ear.

Title: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Developer: Slant 6 Games

Release: TBA 2011

The Resident Evil series has taken gamers from straight horror to survival action, but now Operation Raccoon City will bring the squad based shooter genre to the series. Being developed by SOCOM: Confrontation developer Slant 6 Games, this shooter ignored all the skepticism and delivered big time at PAX this year. Taking place between the events of the 2nd and 3rd Resident Evil, Operation Raccoon City gives gamers a great view of the other side of this conflict and brings a brand new style of gameplay to the series. Luckily, the gameplay is a lot of fun and the squad based mechanics fit extremely well into the Resident Evil world.

Title: Battlefield 3

Developer: EA DICE

Release: 10/27/2011

For a lot of gamers out there, the king of shooters has to be Call of Duty, but that crown might be switching hands if Battlefield 3 has anything to say about it. A tight control scheme, great audio, and addicting multiplayer make this a shooter that you will want to pick up and put a lot of time into. With multiple classes to choose from, vehicles, and deep and well crafted maps, Battlefield 3 is ready to take on any challengers.

Honorable Mentions: All Zombies Must Die!, Lollipop Chainsaw, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.