Amazing Vita Patent Shows Potential for Virtual Reality Multiplayer

September 23, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

We already know the PlayStation Vita’s augment reality will be awesome, far exceeding other portable devices – if you’re not convinced, just watch this video. But a recently published patent that we’ve discovered shows just how incredible the handheld’s virtual reality could be, with multiplayer augmented worlds being shared across several Vitas.

The premise is simple, if several users with Vitas are playing a multiplayer game in the same room, the game’s world will be synchronized, and they will see the exact same scene, but from a different perspective. That means that, depending on where the user stands, the image shown on the handheld will be different. The below image shows an example of how a dueling game would be portrayed, with the character wearing black shown on the right on the right Vita, but on the left on the left Vita due to the opposite perspectives.

Another example is shown in a table-tennis Vita game:

As you can see, the multiplayer virtual reality would make multiplayer gaming far more immersive, and would easily make augmented games feel more realistic.

But that’s not all the patent reveals – it also shows an example of headtracking for a handheld device continue reading…

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