Max Payne 3 Screenshots Display a Dramatic Evolution in Graphics

The Max Payne series disappeared for a few years after its second release in 2003, but rumbling and rumors turned into reality when a trailer was released only weeks ago. While the video’s emotion and action was a sight to behold for fans, nothing beats some nice high-definition screenshots, which we just so happen to have as well.

There are eight new Max Payne 3 screenshots, all rendered in-game, which can be seen below.

The power of new PlayStation hardware really shows in these screenshots, and it’s especially dramatic since we haven’t seen the series in almost eight years. Max Payne 3 will feature the same voice actor, James McCaffrey, as in the two previous games, and he will even be used for motion capture to deliver a powerful narrative. With Rockstar Games’ years of experience in their belt, this could turn out to be a real blockbuster when it releases in March of next year.