Nightwing, Robin and More DLC Packs Revealed for Batman: Arkham City

While Batman: Arkham City is all about a single-player story mode based around the Dark Knight’s rich lore, there will be a large focus on the game’s Challenge Maps. Along with standard maps playable with Batman, there’s going to be a number of DLC-exclusive maps and characters.

Although much of the DLC has already been leaked or revealed to be part of various retailer’s pre-order promotions, we finally have some concrete details as to when each DLC will be available and what it will include.

On November 1st, the Nightwing DLC Pack will be released featuring Nightwing, who will be playable across all of the Challenge Maps, as well as two DLC bundle-exclusive Challenge Maps and a bonus “Animated Series Nightwing” character skin.

Later in the month, the Best Buy pre-order exclusive DLC will be made available for purchase separately for $6.99. Releasing on November 22nd, the DLC pack, like the Nightwing pack, features character skins and exclusive Challenge Maps.

On December 6th another DLC pack featuring character skins will be available for $4.99, though it’s not yet clear what is included.

There’s also some Joker DLC exclusive to GameStop that will likely be made available for purchase separately, much like what is being done with the Robin DLC, though no date or details have been discovered at this time.

Anyone buying Batman: Arkham City new will receive a voucher to download the Catwoman DLC featuring character skins and challenge maps. Since Batman: Arkham City doesn’t feature an online mode, the Catwoman DLC is being include as sort of an “Online Pass” found in other games, used to entice gamers to buy news over used.

We’re just one week away from the release of Batman: Arkham City. Who’s picking it up next Tuesday?