Kevin Butler “Has Something Big Planned,” Invades Facebook

Kevin Butler’s been on your TV, he’s been on Twitter and he’s been on a horse. This time, the big KB is about to join up to the world’s largest social media website, Facebook, but why is he there? “None of your business.”

After waving a crossbow at Gamestop Managers, and launching the Long Live Play campaign that garnered millions of viewers, KB’s finally going to appear on Facebook, but he’ll be bringing “a lot of you” as well as a “hefty dollop of energy drink”:

What exactly KB has planned, we can’t say, but we’d hedge a bet at it being a compilation of gamer’s stories from Phase 2 of LLP, along with a bunch of product placement from an energy drink company like Monster, Rockstar or Red Bull.

More on the “Hall of Play” is set to be revealed on October 24th, so stay tuned.

Thanks LookIntoMyEyees!