Get Your Own Personalized Long Live Play Video, Play With a Virtual Kevin Butler

Jealous of Michael getting all the attention? Well good news! Now you can have your very own To ___! video, as well as getting access to the exclusive Hall of Play club – all while having Kevin Butler give you your very own tour.

We uncovered Kevin Butler’s secret plans to do a Facebook promotion long before he went public, but he has now revealed Sony’s greatest advert so far.

Simply head over to the website, or use the player below, log in with your Facebook account (unfortunately, if you don’t have an account, you can’t take part), and follow Kevin Butler’s sage advice. Once you’ve been initiated (a webcam will be needed for the full experience), you’ll be treated to a customized version of the To Michael! video, with your name being said instead, as long as it is a common name – all I got was a To You!

After that, you’ll also be able to see a never-before-seen Kevin Butler video (which we’ve embedded below), and have access to ‘KB’s Excuses’ that you can give your boss so you have more time to play games.

Did you make your own To ___! video? Let us know in the comments below.