Catherine Does Well for Atlus, Ships 500,000 Worldwide

Atlus parent company Index has just released the financial details for the developer’s relationship sim/platformer Catherine. With a total of 500 thousand copies shipped, it’s clear that the game has done quite well for them.

This figure may come as a bit of a shock though, considering Atlus reported some time back that the game sold a whopping 200 thousand copies during its first week in the US. Well, as it turns out, the 200K was actually in reference to units shipped and not sold, even though Atlus reported the numbers as sold.

The game still did quite well however, with a total of 78,000 units sold during the month of July in North America, and was the publisher’s biggest launch ever. Not only that, but Atlus’ Persona series has sold remarkably well over the past fiscal year.

With all of the recent success this developer has seen, let’s hope they continue to dish out more creative content in the years to come.