Resident Evil Village Platinum Title

Resident Evil Village Joins Capcom’s Platinum Titles, Resident Evil 7 Reaches 9.8 Million Copies Sold

Capcom has released an updated list of its Platinum Titles—those that reach more than 1 million sales. Several titles have also hit new milestones, including those from the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter franchises. Over the last three months, Resident Evil 7 has broken through the 9.5 million sales milestone, while Resident Evil Village makes its debut on the list.

Two titles in the Resident Evil franchise have reached new sales milestones. Resident Evil 7 sold another 800,000 copies to amass a lifetime total 9.8 million units sold, smashing right through the 9.5 million barrier. Resident Evil 2 also added 500,000 units to its total, bringing it to 8.6 million copies sold and crossing the 8.5 million marker. Resident Evil 3 also did well, although didn’t reach another milestone; this sold another 400,000 copies to reach 4.4 million sales in total. Having reached 4.5 million units soldResident Evil Village also makes its debut on the list, far exceeding that 1 million threshold. The Nintendo Switch exclusive Resident Evil Revelations Collection makes its debut too, having accumulated 1 million sales since its release.

Monster Hunter World has now sold 17.3 million units, selling another 200,000 copies over the last three months. It’s expansion, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, added another 500,000 copies to its total, now accumulating 8.2 million copies sold and crashing through the 8 million milestone. The Nintendo Switch exclusive Monster Hunter Rise also managed to add another 2.5 million units to its total, reaching 7.3 million units sold.

Other Capcom titles to do well include Street Fighter V and Devil May Cry 5. The former sold another 300,000 copies to reach a total of 5.8 million sales. Meanwhile, the latter managed to hit the 4.5 million sales marker by selling another 200,000 copies over the last three months.

Capcom has done incredibly well from digital sales for the last financial quarter, seeing a 104% increase in net sales between March and June 2021 compared to the same period last year. The publisher sold 13.3 million units of all of their titles combined, mostly due to the release of Resident Evil Village and strong sales of the company’s back catalog as seen by the above figures.

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