Resident Evil Village Sales Reach 4.5 Million Units Sold Since Launch

Resident Evil Village has proven its success by shipping a whopping 4.5 million copies worldwide. Dating back from its May release date, Capcom had pushed out a respectable 4 million copies through May 26th. Resident Evil Village has now surpassed 4.5 million copies since launch, making Resident Evil Village one of the best selling games of 2021.

This announcement was made via an official tweet from Capcom Japan itself.

Resident Evil Village has overtaken sales targets of Resident Evil 3 (2020). However, despite the games raging commercial success, it still pales in comparison to some of the other installments in the series; most notably, Resident Evil 7 with 9 million units sold, or the remake of Resident Evil 2 raking in 8.2 million units sold worldwide, according to figures provided by Capcom. It also falls just behind Resident Evil 5 with 7.8 million copies and Resident Evil 6, which garnered 7.8 million copies sold worldwide.

The aforementioned Resident Evil 3 (2020), which unfortunately did not receive great reviews across the board, managed to pull in 4 million copies as of March 31st. With Resident Evil Village still very early on its lifecycle, paired with the worldwide phenomenon that is Lady Dimitrescu, there is no doubt that sales will continue to grow over the coming months.

With the announcement of further DLC on its way, it is clear that Capcom is capitalizing on the the popularity of Village by further adding extra content down the line. As well as the fact the the game’s price tag is still sat closely to its initial retail price, gamers are going to want to see what all the fuss is about.

Here is hoping that whatever route Capcom take with future installments, they will follow the same recipe as Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village is available to play on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

[Source: GamesSpot]