Japanese Uncharted Advertising Shows Us How it’s Done, Includes Harrison Ford

The sequel to the highest rated PlayStation exclusive of this generation, Uncharted 3 is bound to be a critical and commercial hit when it releases this November. However, Sony aren’t planning on resting on their laurels and letting word of mouth sell the game, they’re bringing their big guns and launching a huge marketing campaign.

In the UK, SCE has set aside £5 million to promote Uncharted, making it their biggest launch ever, but in Japan, SCE have brought on the actor who helped inspire the series, Harrison Ford:

The real-life Indiana Jones plays the game while saying stuff like “Wow! It’s like a movie!” and “I can’t believe I’m jealous over a game.” The ad was shown in advance on morning news broadcasts today, and presumably will run on Japanese TV around Uncharted 3‘s release date.

In the US, it’s most likely that we’ll end up seeing a commercial starring Kevin Butler – as long as he can take some time off from orchestrating his Long Live Play Campaign.

Who do you think would win in a fight, Kevin Butler or Indiana Jones? Let us know in the comments below.


The ads are now online: