Amazon Pulls Kill Switch on PSN Cards and Digital Downloads

In an extremely surprising move, Amazon has gone and removed every single piece of PlayStation Network content from their website, including prepaid cards, without any explanation.

Here’s the official word straight from Amazon, courtesy of PSN Stores:

We have no announcements regarding this change in selection, however we can confirm that Amazon Digital Video Game Downloads is not currently offering Playstation Network Online Game Codes and Points Cards.

Right now links to anything PSN related have been removed, and the PlayStation Network “hub” on Amazon is completely gone, and URLs to any of the content coming up blank. Even PlayStation Network value cards aren’t available from anymore. Third-party sellers still offer them through the website, but at a much higher cost.

Don’t worry if you previously purchased anything though, as that content can still be accessed. No word yet from Sony on just what is going on, but we will keep you posted once we hear anything.