Sony Studios Start Developing PS4 Games, But Next Generation Still a Few Years Away

With Naughty Dog admitting that Uncharted 3 won’t have a huge leap in graphic fidelity due to the limited power of the PS3, and DICE claiming that they are squeezing every last drop of processing power out of the PS3 for Battlefield 3, it’s clear that the future-proof console is in the latter part of its life cycle. According to a new rumor, Sony has begun tasking studios with developing games for the PS4, but new PS3 owners shouldn’t worry as the console won’t be out any time soon.

A “trusted source” told Develop that various game projects are at very early stages on the PS4, but wouldn’t elaborate on which studios have started work on the new games. But with the PS3 only just starting to hit its stride with a recent price cut, and with a slew of big name titles still to come, we shouldn’t expect Sony’s next generation console to be released before 2014. Most analysts agree that Sony already has its hands full with promoting and marketing the PS3, Move and Vita, and it’s also important to note that the later years of a console’s life are generally its most profitable.

Nintendo remain the only platform holder to officially announce a new console, with the Wii U revealed at E3. Develop pegs the ‘Xbox Next’ as having a Christmas 2013 release, according to “various sources”, but as yet have not announced plans for a 360 successor.

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