Three New Army Corps of Hell Trailers March in

Square Enix has released three new trailers for its upcoming PS Vita title, Army Corps of Hell. In the trailers, SE details three of the goblin classes that you will have at your control; Warrior, Lancer, and Wizard. Each trailer shows a goblin class rocking it out to some heavy Japanese music, making it a certainty that you will start to head bang instead of watch.

The first trailer here is for the Warrior Goblin, who forms a tight circle around the main character, providing a good defensive formation that can also strike when needed.

The second trailer is for the Lancer, who forms a triangle around your character and looks to be mainly about attack.

And finally, the last trailer here is for the wizard, who gathers in a square around your character and shoots multiple balls of fire at enemies.

Army Corps of Hell is currently scheduled to release as a launch title for the PlayStation Vita, which hits store shelves on December 17th in Japan.