Cross Game Chat #59 – How We Would Make Games

This week, we decide to have some fun with the podcast and discuss what games we would make. PMC sets the bar low by wanting to make (of all things) a Facebook game, Cameron tries desperately to merge hockey and RPG’s, and Josh is still talking about Dark Souls. Also, Eric has just picked up Demon’s Souls after reading this awesome Dark Souls review, so this is pretty much the “From Software podcast” now. Be sure to tune in next week when we will give our special Halloween episode.

This Week’s News Topics:

  • Vita Launch Date in NA and Europe Announced Read>>
  • Some Vita Games will Require External Memory to Save Read>>
  • Analyst Believe PS3 before Xbox 720 Read>>
  • Amazon Pulls PSN Content Read>>
  • Sony Negotiating Rights to Assassin’s Creed Movie Read>>
  • New The Amazing Spider-Man in the Works Read>>
  • GTA Games Only Scratch Surface of What is Possible Read>>
  • Naughty Dog Interested in Next Gen, But Could Make PS3 Games Forever Read>>
  • Uncharted 2 to 3 Graphical Leap in Not Much Read>>
  • Uncharted 3 Marketing is SCE UK’s biggest Read>>

Unfortunately, the podcast will only be available through direct download (we’ll update you if the player is fixed), but on the bright side, the file is now an MP3, so it will be compatible with more players. Simply right click on it and choose save link as or download.

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Next week is Halloween for those of here in the States, so we will be doing a special Halloween episode. Be sure to write in and tell us what you are playing at [email protected] or PSLifeStyle via Twitter. Of course, you can also stop by every night at 9 pacific to watch live gaming sessions and chat with other readers.

Cameron’s Anime Recommendation:

Casshern Sins

PMC’s Music Pick:

Beastie Boys (the old stuff!!!)

Eric’s Canadian Pick:

Go watch Back to the Future