Nolan North Weighs In On Who Should Play As Nathan Drake in Uncharted Film

It’s been known for a while now that the Uncharted series is destined to land on the big screen in the near future, but little else has been revealed – including who will play the top role. Opinions have sparked all over the internet over who should play as the protagonist, Nathan Drake, and it seems just about everyone has their own favorite pick. But what does the man who has played the character’s part over three PlayStation 3 releases think?

Nolan North, the popular voice actor for Nathan Drake in the Uncharted game series, was asked by The Telegraph who he would like to play the role of Nathan in the inevitable Uncharted film. He replied:

It’s very frustrating for any actor to have someone who’s a celebrity take over your place. Like the Uncharted film, they’re trying to find someone to play Nathan Drake. And it’s like, why do they not think of us? We DO this.

He continued:

And you know, it’s not like I’m the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson River and saved people’s lives and now you’re going to do a movie about it. He’s a pilot. I’m an actor, what actor would I like to play me? Uh, I don’t know! Please just stop!

Not only has Nolan North done the voice acting for Nathan Drake over three releases on the PlayStation 3, and an upcoming game on the Vita, but he nearly looks and acts identically to him as well. Oh, and he’s also been responsible for the motion capturing involved for each cutscene, meaning his movements have been translated into the games we’ve come to enjoy as well. So Nolan has a good point, why can’t he be the actor? Unfortunately, his response indicates a grim future for that, but until filming has begun, it isn’t impossible.

Share your support for Nolan North in the comments below, and maybe he’ll finally be chosen for the lead role of the Uncharted film.