SCEA Appoints New Senior Vice President of Marketing and PlayStation Network, Guy Longworth

After Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Peter Dille left in March, the role has been left unfilled, despite Sony needing the position more than ever in light of the PSN hack. SCEA have announced that they have appointed a new SVP, and that he will also be the SVP of the PlayStation Network.

“Consumer marketing veteran” Guy W. Longworth will report directly to Jack Tretton, SCEA’s President and Chief Executive Officer, and will oversee all aspects of SCEA marketing, including product marketing, promotions and brand development, starting on Monday, October 31st.

With more than 20 years of consumer marketing experience, Longworth has worked at companies like Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods and Kellogg’s. Longworth was the Chief Marketing Officer at at both Marlow Foods and Kellogg’s where he launched strategies “that led to double-digit sales growth.” While at Jemella Ltd, Longworth developed “a new vision and marketing program” that helped return the company to profitability within 12 months.

He was also the founder of Annapurna One where he partnered with CEOs to develop new business strategies. Jack Tretton said:

Guy’s extensive background and experience with consumer marketing in multiple categories make him uniquely qualified to help deliver our messages to consumers and effectively impact our brand. He brings with him an experienced understanding of the marketing industry and has a strong record of consumer-driven success. Guy will be an integral part of our marketing efforts across the PlayStation brand moving forward.

It will be interesting to see whether Longworth keeps Kevin Butler as a PlayStation Mascot, considering he has been around for quite a while. Do you think KB should stay, or do you want a new Sony marketing campaign?