PS3 Leads Console Sales in Europe, Fails to Beat Out 360 in US

As one might expect, Sony’s console remains the gaming box of choice for European consumers, while the Xbox 360 maintains its stronghold over US gamers.

According to data compiled by market research companies for Nintendo, the PlayStation 3 has been the best selling console in Europe for the entire year, with sales close to 3 million for week 40 of 2011. The Wii and Xbox 360 each amassed about 2 million in the same time frame. As far as sales trends go, the PlayStation 3 is selling much better than last year, with sales exceeding those in years prior. In addition, Wii sales continue to drop while Xbox 360 sales remain at a consistent plateau in Europe.

The data comes after reports that the PS3 is the best selling console in Australia, and that Sony is investing in the Russian games industry in an attempt to keep up with demand.

This is great news for Sony, especially when considering the massive PlayStation Network outage they had earlier this year. This just goes to show that exclusive games and a competitive price tag really pay off in the eyes of consumers.