PixelJunk SideScroller – Trophy Guide

The latest PixelJunk game, PixelJunk SideScroller harkens back to the days of retro gaming with some intense maneuvering and moments requiring the of concentration of a god. Time to shake off the rust and earn some trophies with the most comprehensive trophy guide on the net.

A Close Encounter of the Scrolling Kind (Bronze) – Complete your first Sector.

Story/Main campaign related, and can’t be missed. Play through the first sector to unlock.

Sector Perfecter (Bronze) – Complete all Sectors in one Stage.

– Story/Main campaign related, and can’t be missed. Each stage has 4 sectors. Play through the first stage to unlock.

S Is for SideScroller (Bronze) – Complete all three Stages.

– Story/Main campaign related, and can’t be missed. Play through all 12 levels of the campaign to unlock.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Bullets (Gold) – Defeat the final Boss.

– Story/Main campaign related, and can’t be missed.

*SPOILER* (highlight to read): After completing the three main stages, an additional final stage unlocks which consists of a one sector level and boss fight. The stage isn’t too bad, consisting of the boss swooping in every so often to unload a few enemies in your direction. Power up your machine gun first, as you’ll need to fire backwards throughout the level. Certain times, you’ll be able to attack him and break away parts of his body. A fully powered machine gun makes short work of this, but the laser is a great substitute if needed. When you reach the end of the sector, it’s one on one with him flying straight through the screen in different directions spraying bullets everywhere. Stick with the machine gun for the battle, focusing on staying between his laser strikes and aiming for the weak ‘links’ in his body. No sweat once you get the pattern down.

Mostly Harmful (Bronze) – Complete any Sector on the Hard difficulty setting.

– Hard mode will be unlocked following completing the game on Normal. Hard mode increases enemy firing rates, so this may take a few attempts on your first try. Play through any level you feel comfortable with to unlock.

Great, kid. Don’t get cocky. (Bronze) – Complete any Sector on the Brutal difficulty setting.

– Same as Mostly Harmful, only one sector is needed. Why not try the first, and easiest level?

Triple Crowner (Bronze) – Get all three hidden Crowns in any Sector.

Crowns are icons hidden in each sector that will reveal themselves upon being shot repeatedly. The easiest way to spot crowns is to spray bullets with the upgraded machine gun, and keep your eyes open. If you’re having trouble still, check the video below in Pedal to the Metal of level 1-3. Crowns can be spotted at times 0:35, 3:10, 4:35.

You Make Me Wish I Had Three Hands (Bronze) – Use each weapon one time.

– Toggle between your ship’s 3 different weapons, laser, machine gun and bombs, with square or circle and then fire with R1.

Spin-a-delic (Bronze) – Defeat 50 enemies using the Charge Attack.

-The charge attack is performed by holding down L1 and then releasing after powered up entirely. Charge attacks destroy most enemies on contact, so take out 50 over the course of the game to unlock.

You Are the Pris to My Roy (Bronze) – Complete any Sector by playing with a friend in co-op mode.

– Grab a friend and hit start on the sector selection screen with a second controller. Only one level needs completed to earn this.

Combolicious (Bronze) – String together a Combo of 100 points or more.

– You will almost certainly unlock this without trying. Combos are achieved by defeating multiple enemies before your combo timer drains. Simply focus on killing enemies in a steady manner to unlock, especially on level 1-1. Combos will not end if you take damage- only if you are killed.

Pedal to the Medal (Bronze) – Receive the highest ranking Medal on any Sector.

– After completing a stage, you will be rewarded with either 1, 2, or 3 stars, or a special medal. This is entirely score based, so focus on taking out as many enemies as possible while racking up high combos. Collecting the hidden crowns will add a significant score bonus as well. If you’re still having issues, take a look at the following video for some tips on how to achieve it on level 1-3:


Thanks to JoeFenix

Q-Beams Glitter in the Dark (Bronze) – Defeat 10 enemies or more using one Laser shot.

– The beginning of level 1-1 will feature two sets of 4 enemies followed by 2 sets of 5 enemies. Wait for them to combine and take them out with one shot. Alternatively, later in the level you will fight a white ‘snake-like’ beast consisting of multiple ships packed tightly together which can all be taken out with a well aimed laser.

Ender’s Game (Bronze) – Complete any Sector without getting hit by a single shot.

Sector 1-4 is the shortest level in the game, so play through on casual if you’re having troubles, and use the laser to take out the enemies as quickly as possible.

Spin Long and Prosper (Silver) – Complete any Sector without firing a single shot. (Hint: Use the Charge Attack!)

Charge attacks are performed by holding and releasing L1. Level 1-1 will provide the best opportunity to achieve this, since you can dodge most enemies. Time attacks between enemy shots to give you the best chance to recover safely. If you’re shot or killed, you can still get the trophy- just don’t shoot back!