Square Enix’s Winter of RPGs Campaign Starts Next Week

November 4, 2011Written by Tony Wibowo

Many months ago, the ESRB teased us all by rating some classic Square Enix RPGs from such as Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Cross. Fans wait every Tuesday to see whether these games make the store update. Many weeks have passed, but the games are nowhere to be seen. Well, apparently Square Enix doesn’t want us to keep waiting any longer. Today, it announces that all three games will be part of its “Winter of RPGs Campaign.”

Chrono Cross, the sequel of the acclaimed Chrono Trigger is up first, with a release on November 8th. Next, Final Fantasy V will release just in time for American Thanksgiving on November 22nd. Last but not least, Final Fantasy VI will close-out the Winter Campaign on December 6th. Other than release dates, it doesn’t share the details about pricing for any of the games, but it is safe to say that it will cost around $9.99, judging by the PSN price of Chrono Trigger.

Fans can express gratitude with their wallets if they so desire. I guess these games will help ease the pain for waiting until Final Fantasy Type-O reaches the US market.

Out of the three games, which one are you picking? Are you buying them all?