PlayStation 6 (PS6) release date window

Next-Gen Xbox Might Launch Before PS6, Rumors Suggest

A known leaker has suggested that the next-gen Xbox‘s release date will likely be set before the PS6 launch. Microsoft had previously hinted that the next Xbox and PS6 will launch by 2028, but if rumors are true, Xbox might jump ahead of its rival.

Microsoft might try to replicate Xbox 360’s success by beating PS6 release date

This rumor comes from X user TheGhostofHope, a known and reliable Call of Duty leaker. They claim to have been informed by “trusted sources” that Microsoft plans to release the next Xbox by 2026, and it’s possible that Microsoft will promote the hardware alongside that year’s Call of Duty as a launch title.

In response to a follower, TheGhostofHope opined that Microsoft might be trying to beat the PS6 to the market if this rumor is true. Fans are speculating that the company could be trying to replicate the Xbox 360’s success, which went on sale a year before the PS3 and became an instant hit among gamers. Prior to Sony‘s marketing deal for Call of Duty, Xbox 360 was often seen as the best console to play shooters on.

These are all rumors and speculations, so take them with a grain of salt. But given the increasing amount of leaks pertaining to Xbox’s next-gen hardware, we won’t be surprised if the 2026 launch window is correct.