Ken Kutaragi Working On Something “Totally Cool”

Ken Kutaragi, often cited as the father of the original PlayStation, has drummed up some excitement for his next project with just a few simple words. Speaking to Bloomberg, he revealed that he is working on something “totally cool”.

Kutaragi was instrumental in the development of the original PlayStation in the mid-90s. Without his contributions the console would have never made it onto store shelves, and the success of the original PlayStation led to Kutaragi-san heading up the development of the PlayStation 2, 3 and Portable. In 2007 he stepped down from his position at Sony, joining the Namco Bandai and Sony startup Cellius, which is currently working on Ridge Racer Vita, but has done little else. In 2009, he then left to start Cyber Ai Entertainment, which has yet to announce a product or service.

We don’t know a lot about his next project so your wildest speculation is as good as ours. He has made some insane statements to the media including that consumers in Japan would work extra hours so that they could afford a PS3. Perhaps they wouldn’t have had to take those extra hours if you didn’t charge $600 at launch.

What do you think Ken Kutaragi’s next project is? Could Sony have contracted Kutaragi to work on the often rumored, and always denied, PlayStation 4?