Rumor: Sazh Katzroy Absent From Final Fantasy XIII-2, To Be Included Via DLC?

In Square Enix’s current-gen RPG Final Fantasy XIII, Sazh Katzroy was the dual gun wielding father desperate to save his son from becoming a l’Cie and one of the most interesting characters in the game’s cast. However, an apparent interview or Q&A about Final Fantasy XIII-2 seems to imply that Mr. Katzroy is not in the game, but could find his way into the game through downloadable content.

Andriasang reports that Dengeki PlayStation reviewed Final Fantasy XIII-2 and gave the sequel the magazine’s highest score: an S rating. However, they also report that the magazine may have had an interview or Q&A in which they asked if Sazh Katzroy wasn’t in the game. The response was:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will continue after release, so look forward to later.

Andriasang speculates that this could mean that Sazh Katzroy could be added to the game somehow via DLC. However, they also note that the interview or Q&A information should be treated as rumor, as they would like more context about it.