First The Last of Us Screens Released

Set to be fully revealed this Saturday, the first screenshots for the “massive” PS3 exclusive from an “amazing developer“, currently titled The Last of Us, have been released.

Originally teased over the weekend, we discovered that the game may have been in development since 2006, and may be about a fungus-induced apocalypse. Over on The Last of Us‘ website, the following images were released, under a section titled “view screenshot”:

(Click on the image for a bigger picture)


Interestingly, the background for the website was previously of another jungle scene, which does also look in-game:

At the end of the original The Last of Us teaser trailer, the noise of a jungle can be heard, suggesting that it is a game location:

Finally, the ant video on the main site has been updated with some creepy clicking noises, heavy breathing and what seems to be a cut off scream.

Stick to PSLS for the full reveal this Saturday.

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