Spike Teases PS3 Exclusive Reveal: In-Game Trailer, Amazing Developer, Absolutely Mind-Blowing

With publishers often hyping minor upcoming reveals like it’s the second coming of Kevin Butler, it’s hard to still get excited when you hear words like “amazing” and “incredible” being used to describe an unrevealed product. But after you watch Spike TV’s incredibly positive promo video, will you be able to remain impassive?

Little is known about the VGA’s big PS3 reveal which was teased over the weekend, with PSLS discovering that it may have been in development since 2006, and seems to be about a fungus-induced apocalypse. Presented by Geoff Keighley, Spike TV’s promo video promises that we’ll see an in-game trailer that shows some of the characters from the game, and that the title comes from an “amazing developer”. Keighley also described it as a “massive announcement that no one will see coming”:

The website for The Last of Us, as it has come to be temporarily known, has the date 12/7/11, so it’ possible more will be teased tomorrow, but expect the full reveal at the VGAs this Saturday, December 10th.