Tiger Woods 13 Features Celebrity Golfers

I am not sure which demographic is Electronic Arts targeting with this latest announcement. I put celebrity golfers in the same category as charity auctions and infomercials. Sure they exist but are they really a big draw? Are serious golf fans just itching to play as their favorite ex-NHL or NFL star?

If you’re itching to play as celebrity at Augusta National than the pre-order bonus through Amazon may appeal. If you pre-order Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 at Amazon you’ll gain access to Jeremy Roenick (NHL), Marshall Faulk (NFL), Sugar Ray Leonard (Boxer) and Dwight Howard (NBA). Presumably this is just the first pre-order bonus available for Tiger Woods 13. Usually when an Amazon pre-order is announced GameStop and Best Buy aren’t far behind.

Last year’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters featured 20 different courses, of which 3 were exclusive to the Limited Edition. The game also featured support for the PlayStation Move controller. It looks like ’13 is set to expand on everything that its predecessor got right.