Modern Warfare 3 Lag and Communication Woes Being Fixed in Patch v1.07 and Coming Updates

Although it experienced a smooth launch, this year’s iteration of Call of Duty has had its share of issues. Modern Warfare 3‘s balance has been a problem, reminiscent of its predecessor’s akimbo 1887 shotguns, but Infinity Ward are adamant about continually updating the title. So much that within the next week the title will see its seventh update despite the game being released in early November.

Robert Bowling shared a major improvement coming in Modern Warfare 3‘s v1.07 update via Twitter.

TU7 [Title update 7] is solely focused on addressing Host Disadvantage “Lag compensation”. To make gameplay better for better connections.

The issue with Call of Duty games, including Modern Warfare 3, is that games are hosted by a random player in each lobby. As such, the player hosting has a latency advantage. This is a particularly strange design method especially after integrating Call of Duty Elite, an almost repugnant subscription service for the latest game.

For those tired of voice communication issues on Modern Warfare 3, Robert bowling has some additional positive news:

An update to improve voice chat on PS3 will be in a title update coming out in Jan.

Update v1.07 is slated to launch within the next week, and will be followed up by additional updates, including the voice chat fix mentioned above.