New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer Shows How to Use Monsters In Combat, New Screenshots Released

One of the biggest changes to Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s combat system is the integration of monsters into Serah and Noel’s battle party. A new trailer released today by Square Enix shows what kind of roles monsters can serve in battle.

The “Master of Monsters” trailer shows some of the facets of having monsters in combat. Monster recruitment is earned as part of the “spoils” of battle afterwards — monsters will show up in the spoils list and then will be available for use in combat. Monsters can be assigned to a “Paradigm Pack,” which seems to be able to support up to three monsters, but what role all three play in battle is unclear, as only one is seen in battle at a time. (Reserves, perhaps?)

Monster abilities are able to be leveled up via use of the Crystarium system. Also, via “infusion”, monsters can consume other monsters for their abilities or other enhancements. The video closes by showing “Feral Links,” which are unique monster attacks performed via QTE-style events.

The “Master of Monsters” trailer can be seen below:

The screenshots below show Oerba, The Vile Peaks, Serah’s Ultima Arrow, and the Archytte Steppe Statues:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 on January 31, 2012.