Sony Partially Retracts SOPA Support, Along With Nintendo, EA

After Anonymous declared that they were once again out to get Sony, this time for backing the Stop Online Piracy Act, the Japanese corporation has begun to reduce its level of support in the controversial act that many fear will severely hurt free speech and censor the internet.

Sony Electronics was previously listed as a supporter of the bill, but their name has since been removed. Equally, Nintendo and Electronic Arts’ names are no longer there. But that does not mean the companies no longer support SOPA – Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Music Nashville are all still listed. Additionally, Sony Computer Entertainment, EA and Nintendo are members of the Entertainment Software Association, which is a SOPA supporter.

Whether the reduced support is due to Anonymous’ threats is unknown, but the timing is rather telling. The question now is if Anonymous will continue with their plan to “destroy” Sony’s online network, which still remains to be seen.