The King of All Cosmos May Be Losing His Cool In New Touch My Katamari Trailer

January 12, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

The new trailer for Namco Bandai’s Touch My Katamari for PlayStation Vita, of which we have a world-exclusive first review, shows that The King of All Cosmos is greatly disturbed by a potential revelation about his popularity.

The trailer opens by offering a recap of the events of previous Katamari games: the stars were wiped out and the King of All Cosmos had sent his son, the Prince, to gather items on a katamari and send them up to the sky to repopulate the stars. The trailer heavily emphasizes how great the King of All Cosmos is and that because of his order to his son, everyone lived happily ever after.

In the next part of the trailer, a young boy is walking with his mom and dad. The young boy asks his dad how awesome the King is and if his dad is as awesome as the King. The dad says the King is awesome and that he isn’t as cool as he is. Then, the young boy asks if the King is as cool as his school principal. His mom says that she thinks that they’re both equally as cool. The trailer closes with the young boy being upset by this, but not as much as the King of All Cosmos is upset by it, who appears to be in great shock upon hearing what she said.

To watch the “Prologue” trailer for Touch My Katamari, click on the video below:

Touch My Katamari will be released for PlayStation Vita on February 22nd.