Rumor: Final Fantasy Type-0 Coming To The US – As A Vita Release?

Square Enix has released a fairly well-received installment of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Type-0, for the PSP in Japan. However, the state of the PSP is much better in Japan than it is in North America, and gamers have been left wondering if FFT-0 will ever come stateside. A new rumor today says that FFT-0 is coming to the United States, but on a different handheld PlayStation platform., in a feature titled “The Top PSP and PS Vita Games of 2012,” lists FFT-0 and says the following about the game:

Formerly known as Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Type 0 is easily the most ambitious PSP title ever published; the Japanese release came on two UMDs and featured insane loading times if you didn’t install the game. No worries, though. We have it on good authority that Square Enix will be bringing the game to the U.S. as a Vita release, which should relieve some of the game’s technical issues and work around the fact that the PSP market is moribund in the west.

FFT-0‘s international release had been mentioned in an interview with the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, in its Ultimania guide.

Also, an import review of FFT-0 for PSP can be read here, courtesy of our own Senior Editor, Heath Hindman.

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