New Armored Core V Trailer Shows Action-Packed Multiplayer Battles, Screenshots Revealed

January 26, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Namco Bandai has revealed new details about the multiplayer for upcoming FromSoftware mech combat title, Armored Core V, via a new trailer. They’ve also released new screenshots as well.

The trailer is narrated by Namco Bandai Games Community Manager “Filthie” Rich Bantegui. He explains that players begin by customizing their Armored Cores (or ACs) with the weapons or parts that they want. Players can select from chemical, kinetic, or thermal-type energies. In the game, players will be engaging in combat with enemies, as well as participating in missions that task players with cooperating with teammates to be the best team. Multiplayer matches can be 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 1, or missions where five players are on the same team. The team missions have two operators on both ends, trying to figure out strategies to help their team succeed.

The new Operator Mode shows operators use an overhead map. They’ll lay down radars, provide information on the weaknesses of other ACs players will encounter in the game, and try to evolve or change strategies as the battle progresses. Players will be able to use the Armored Core Facebook page to assemble teams. Teams conquer territory and then set up defenses around the conquered territory’s perimeter. The team emblem will become present so that other members and enemy teams will be able to see it. Teams will also be able to customize their team data and their team emblems as well. He closes the trailer by saying that next time, he’ll reveal information about weapons and more.

To view the “Team Play Volume One” Trailer, click on the video below:

To view screenshots of the game, click on the Media Gallery below:

Armored Core V will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 20th.

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